Privacy Policy (EU)

The following Privacy Policy shall apply to participation in the Alpenbrevet Extended event of Cycling Unlimited AG (referred to below as the Organiser). 


Cycling Unlimited AG
Rotbuchstrasse 46
8037 Zurich
E-mail: [email protected] 

Personal data processed for carrying out the event 

(1) On registration we will collect the personal data of participants (last name, first name, gender, e-mail address, telephone number, postcode of their place of residence and possibly additional information). This data is used for processing participation in the event.  

(2) Should further data be provided for the billing of participation, this data will be solely processed for billing purposes and will not be shared with third parties. 

(3) After the event the names of participants will be published by the Organiser in a list of participants in both printed and electronic form. 

(4) The personal data stored according to (1) may be shared with a commercial service provider in order to make videos/photographs available to participants. By registering participants consent to the storage and disclosure of the data for this purpose. 

(5) Within the context of participation in events we will disclose specific personal data to sponsors of the event for purposes of marketing (currently in particular to Andermatt Swiss Alps, Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, The Chedi Andermatt and Alpine Apartments Andermatt) to a varying extent and subject to certain stipulations. We do this in fulfilment of our sponsoring agreements and in the interest of participants, to finance our events in an appropriate manner and to ensure their long-term future. Please inform us if you do not consent to this ([email protected]). 

(5) Photographs, film recordings and interviews involving participants, teams and partners in conjunction with participation in the event may be distributed and published by the Organiser and the partners (sponsors) of the event without any entitlement arising to remuneration for press releases, PR, advertising or commercial purposes. 

Purposes for which your personal data is processed 

We first and foremost process your personal data in order to organise and carry out our events and to render, document and bill our services in accordance with our contractual and statutory obligations. 

We additionally process your personal data for the following purposes: 

  • Replying to your enquiries and communication with you; 
  • Provision, analysis and optimisation of usage of the website; 
  • Marketing and advertising; 
  • Information about new developments and new services; 
  • Staging of events, competitions and prize games in which you participate; 
  • Fulfilment of statutory obligations; and 
  • Assertion of legal claims. 

We have a legitimate interest in line with the above purposes in the processing of your personal data. Certain processing operations are additionally necessary to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations vis-à-vis yourself or our statutory obligations (e.g. retention obligations). 

How we store and protect your personal data 

We store your personal data only to the extent and for as long as this is necessary for fulfilment of the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or for the fulfilment of statutory obligations. 

We undertake appropriate technical and organisational measures in the interests of the integrity and the confidentiality of personal data. We in particular implement access controls to premises, systems and data in accordance with our risk assessment, as well as procedures to review, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the measures at regular intervals. 

Place of processing 

We mainly store and process your personal data in Switzerland and in the EU. We may however also transfer your personal data to recipients in countries outside Switzerland or the EU (worldwide). Where we perform data transfer to countries without appropriate data protection, this is based on standard data protection clauses or statutory derogations (e.g. need for performance of contract).