• What does participation cost? Participation is free of charge. You can participate digitally with your fitness tracker or bike computer (Garmin and/or Strava)
  • How do I collect the passes? Register on this website and link your preferred sports platform (Strava or Garmin Connect). Record your cycling activity with your GPS device or a GPS app (e.g. Strava app) and synchronise it with the linked sports platform. Your activity must be publicly visible.
  • Which alpine passes are open? You can find the opening dates for each pass at alpen-paesse.ch.
  • How do I get badges and where are they visible? You will receive one badge per pass you conquered, visible on the list of participants. From 3 badges you will also receive the status of Silbertour. If you complete 5 or more passes, you receive Platintour status and if you have completed all 7 passes, you are an Alpenbrevet Legend. All passes can be ridden from both sides.
  • Raffle (prize draw): With 3 badges and thus 3 travelled passes you take part in our raffle. You can find more information under “Rewards”. With 5 badges you will receive a special Alpenbrevet goodie and with 7 passes you will receive a special start number as an Alpenbrevet legend to emphasise your status.
  • Route measurement: The measurement works by comparing the completed route with a GPX reference file. LaceUp’s GPX matching is used for this. Your results are automatically synchronised after the ride. To be included in the ranking, the activity must be publicly visible on Strava and saved as a road bike activity; private activities also work with Garmin Connect.
  • Time frame: Road bike tours are accepted from the opening of the passes until the closing of the passes. Exact dates for the end of the Alpenbrevet Extended will be communicated in the course of the summer.
  • Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet: The passes that you ride as part of the event on 7 September are not part of the Alpenbrevet Extended. This means that you cannot count the passes at our physical event as part of the Alpenbrevet Extended.
  • Technical difficulties: If your activity is not recognised and not counted due to a technical error, we can record it manually (see below for how). In the case of errors caused by yourself (incorrect navigation, etc.), we unfortunately cannot add anything.
  • Marking: The participants themselves are responsible for travelling the passes correctly.
  • How are the passes ridden qualified? After uploading, your activity is synchronised directly with the LaceUp system and compared with the reference routes. If the activity contains one or more passes, you will receive one badge per pass. The time required is irrelevant.
  • Does Strava or Garmin Connect cost anything? You don’t need a paid Strava membership to take part. Garmin Connect is free anyway, but requires a Garmin fitness tracker.
  • I rode a pass, but it was not scored. What should I do?
    a) Make sure that you are connected to Alpenbrevet Extended and, if you are using Strava, that your activity is public.
    b) But it still doesn’t work? Fill out this form.
  • Who is behind the format? The Alpenbrevet Extended is a campaign organised by the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet in cooperation with Andermatt Swiss Alps, The Chedi, Radisson Blu Hotel Andermatt and Andermatt Alpine Apartments. Technical realisation by LaceUp GmbH, Zurich.
  • The Conditions of participation apply.